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How We Work 

We work in close collaboration with the client and design team to create custom design that balance aesthetics, function, maintenance and cost. 


As a first step is important to understand the client needs and meet them with a first conceptual lighting design brief to present to the client and to the  design team for comment and approval.

  • Conceptual 3D views to show the lighting mood;

  • Conceptual Lighting Plan;

  • First Booklet of luminaires datasheets;

  • Preliminary scenes.


Based on the feedback received, we will create final renderings for mood approval and we will start with the lighting calculation, final lighting plan, final booklet of luminaires datasheets including the custom fixtures that we will design for the project and final scenes.

  • Final 3D views of the lighting mood;

  • 3D Lighting Calculation with ReLux to ensure the correct quantity of lighting in all the areas;

  • Final Lighting Plan;

  • Final Booklet of luminaire datasheets;

  • Final scenes;

  • Cost analisys to ensure budgets are met.


After receiving the approval of the mood we will start with the Engineering Activity in order to give all the information to the electrical company in terms of cables, drivers and control system.

  • Selection of the BUS control;

  • Selection of the drivers after test activity with the luminaires selected;

  • Wiring schemes with all the info in terms of cables, distances between drivers and luminaires paying attention to the EMI/EMC standards in order to not have flickering and blinking probles;

  • Lighting Control Management System selection;

  • Wiring Schemes of the Lighting Control Management System;

  • Final Booklet of drivers datasheets.


In this phase we supply all the installation details for each luminaires and drivers, sign-off of all the mock-ups and give the final review to the all the drawings.

  • Installation Details in collaboration with the technical department of the yard;

  • Sign-off of all the mock-ups;

  • Final review of all the drawings.


We are present in all phases of the project, from conception to the final test by providing support and guidance. In this way we will be sure that the design will be implemented correctly.

  • Assistance to the addressing and setting of the control system during the commissioning phase;

  • Final Tuning to the scenes;

  • As Built documentation.

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